11 November 2021

Developing a large-scale energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction project

SOFIAC and the COLLÈGE JEAN DE LA MENNAIS (CJDLM) are pleased to announce that they have mutually committed to developing a large-scale energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction project. Achieving decarbonization and significantly reducing energy consumption are at the heart of this first SOFIAC project that falls under the auspices of the mission of this educational institution based in La Prairie.

SOFIAC Chief Executive Officer Michel Méthot stated, “SOFIAC is very proud to launch the first project in its history with the CJDLM. After holding discussions, workshops, and collaborations over many months, we aim to launch construction works on this modern energy efficient infrastructure project in the spring of 2022. The project will be carried out by our partner and project originator C-nergy.”

According to Stéphane Labrie, Director of Administrative Services at the college, “The Collège de la Mennais has adopted an environmental initiative! Commitments have been made with SOFIAC and C-nergy to develop an energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction project. It is important to highlight that an institution such as a college consumes a lot of energy for lighting, heating, and ventilation to provide an environment conducive to student needs. Advanced technologies will be installed with a great respect for our rich heritage and assets established since 1890. This initiative, and more to come, represents a green shift for the CJDLM.”

SOFIAC was launched in January 2021 by Econoler and Fondaction with the support of the Government of Quebec.

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