Technical partners

SOFIAC transfers the project design and implementation responsibilities to external firms that are recognized for their expertise and quality services. In strict collaboration with our clients, we choose partners that offer the most significant energy cost and GHG emission reductions.

Types of technical partners

Energy service companies (ESCOs)

These experienced firms design and implement the most cost-effective solutions for clients, and the guarantee their technical and savings results.

Firms specialized in saving measurement and verification

These third-party firms use the IPMVP to ensure rigorous and transparent monitoring of savings generated by projects.

SOFIAC selects its technical partners based on their capacity to identify and implement the most effective solutions

We work with firms that offer energy efficiency services to support companies in the decarbonization process. To maintain the highest level of quality, we require each partner to submit to a rigorous preselection process. We have already prequalified a number of ESCOs based on their expertise and experience in Canada or internationally.

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