Renovate your municipal buildings to improve their energy performance without requiring any financial contribution thanks to our unique investment and support solution!

EcoÉnergie 360: a collaboration between the Fédération québécoise des municipalités (FQM) and SOFIAC

The ÉcoÉnergie 360 initiative, launched by the FQM in collaboration with SOFIAC and the governments of Québec and Canada, enables municipalities to carry out their energy-efficient building renovation projects thanks to a complete turnkey package, including access to an innovative investment solution, management of calls for tender, selection of service providers, as well as contract management and complete project financing.



Types of work covered

The ÉcoÉnergie 360 energy-efficiency renovation program targets municipal buildings of all kinds, with work that can vary, such as :

  • Improving the energy performance of a ventilation system;
  • Installation of energy-efficient windows at City Hall;
  • Replacing the oil-fired heating system with a heat pump at the community center;
  • Energy optimization of water treatment plant pumping systems;
  • All other measures to improve the energy performance of municipal infrastructure energy systems (fire station, police station, arena, municipal garage, recreation center, etc.).

The advantages of the ÉcoÉnergie 360 program:

Access to a unique self-investment solution for building renovation projects, without requiring any financial contribution for municipalities

A share in the value of the energy savings generated by the work, enabling spread repayment of investments up to a maximum of 15%.

Turnkey support for complete management aimed at decarbonizing and improving the energy efficiency of municipal buildings

Improved energy performance thanks to an investment and support solution tailored to the municipal environment

A concrete contribution to the energy transition and to meeting Quebec’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets

Would you like to carry out an energy transition or decarbonization project for your municipality or regional county municipality (RCM)?

To find out more about EcoÉnergie 360 or to submit a project, we invite you to contact our team of experts, and we’ll tell you how to proceed.



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