Implement your energy transition and decarbonization projects without making any financial contribution

An investment solution with many advantages

SOFIAC helps companies reduce their energy costs and achieve ambitious GHG emission reduction targets outlined in their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy without requiring any financial contribution! It also offers them many financial advantages as of project kickoff. > Discover all the benefits


Target clientele

The SOFIAC offer is aimed at all Canadian businesses in the commercial, industrial, and multi-residential sectors and whose annual energy costs exceed $500,000 (for a portfolio of buildings).

Commercial sector

Industrial sector

Multi-residential sector

Considerable financial advantages

No down payment

All project costs are reimbursed solely through a portion of the savings generated

Positive cash flow from project start

The client keeps a portion of demonstrated savings

Minimized project costs

SOFIAC optimizes all available subsidies to decrease the total amount to be reimbursed

Full transfer of asset ownership

Project assets are transferred to the client as of day one to enable fiscal amortization throughout their lifetime

Intact financial capacity

The agreement is structured as a subordinated debt without recourse, which has no impact on client borrowing capacity

Avoided future capital expenses (CapEx)

Aging assets are replaced to reduce the need for urgent repairs or future replacements and maintenance costs

How it works


SOFIAC simplifies the development and management of energy efficiency and decarbonization projects in the private sector. In addition to managing all project phases, we assume 100% of the financial and technical risks.

1. Project preparation with the client

  • Confirm the possibility of developing a project that meets the SOFIAC investment criteria
  • Agree on all criteria that will enable the development of a project financial model
  • Sign contract between SOFIAC and the client
  • Select an energy service company (ESCO) that will be mandated to develop and implement technical solutions

2. Investment and implementation

  • The ESCO conducts a detailed study that will serve to define the solutions to be implemented
  • Conduct detailed engineering
  • Structure a savings measurement and verification plan
  • Implement the project
  • Commission equipment

3. Performance monitoring

  • Continuously validate the proper performance of implemented solutions
  • Apply the measurement and verification (M&V) plan on generated savings
  • Invoice savings in accordance with the ratio established in the shared savings agreement


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