A single window to increase your energy performance and reduce your GHG emissions without investment

The SOFIAC Service Offer

SOFIAC allows Quebec businesses operating in the commercial and industrial sectors to seize all energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction opportunities without investing while benefitting from a positive cash flow as of day one after project implementation.

From identifying to carrying out projects, to optimizing the use of available subsidies and monitoring performance, SOFIAC supports businesses in carrying out their energy efficiency and infrastructure modernization projects. It thus helps them increase energy performance as well as reduce both their GHG emissions, operating costs and infrastructure capitalization needs.

The innovative SOFIAC approach serves to make significant investments in businesses without limiting their financing capacity.


  • Identification of all profitable opportunities to reduce energy costs
  • Reductions in GHG emissions
  • Turnkey, open-book projects
  • No down payment required and without limiting financial capacity
  • Optimization of available subsidies from governments and utilities
  • Management of 100% of all technical and organizational aspects
  • Positive cash flows as of day one after project implementation
  • Alignment of the parties’ interests to maximize savings and minimize costs
  • Greenhouse gas emission reduction monetization
  • Support in obtaining ISO 50001 certification

Assistance Throughout
Your Projects

SOFIAC proposes a complete service offer adapted to the needs of the target sectors and supports businesses in all transparency throughout project implementation, a true partner.

  • Identification of structural energy transition projects
  • Optimization of the use of subsidies
  • Procurement management and supervision
  • Third-party measurement and verification of energy savings generated throughout projects

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