Management Team

SOFIAC has a management team recognized across Canada and comprises seasoned experts in innovative financing and the use of the energy performance contract concept.

This team also has the support of the Fondaction and Econoler teams for all administrative, financial, and technical support needs. The team therefore counts on more than 100 experts with all the expertise required for operations.

Michel Méthot, P.Eng.

General Manager

Michel has more than 30 years of experience in the energy efficiency sector as well as in building management and control systems. Having worked in large energy service companies in North America, he has developed solid experience in the use of energy performance contracts in the public and private sectors across Canada. He has been involved as manager and technical expert in hundreds of projects for which he directed contractual development and implementation activities.

Gabriel Desmarais, P.Eng., MBA, ERP, CEM, CMVP

Director of operations

Gabriel has been working in the energy efficiency sector for more than 10 years. On top of having developed solid technical and financial experience in project development and implementation, he has developed specific expertise in the use of energy performance contracts in both the private and public sectors. He specializes especially in financial structuring adapted to energy efficiency projects, as well as in the tendering process and contract negotiation.

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